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The death of a loved one is deeply upsetting and it can be even more so if there are legal issues to be dealt with. Our qualified Lawyers will compassionately guide you through legal matters concerning Wills and Probate, helping to distribute an Estate and clear any uncertainty.

Contesting a will

When someone dies without leaving a Will, or if they make a Will without fully understanding the potential outcome, complications can arise. Or a family member may die unexpectedly without making adequate provision for their dependents.

If you need help with any of these difficult issues, our experience will ensure that we achieve the best and fairest results.

Drafting or revising a will

Making a Will is your opportunity to protect and care for those you love. Talk to us about drafting or revising a Will to ensure your wishes will be carried out without any confusion or uncertainty. Give yourself and your family peace of mind.

Obtaining a grant of probate

When someone dies, their assets must be collected and distributed according to the Will and a Grant of Probate must be obtained. If there is no Will, the job is left to the family to ‘administer the Estate’.

It’s not a pleasant situation to be confronted with and you may not feel prepared for the weight of responsibilities placed on you. If this happens, you can count on our experience to help you achieve the very best possible outcome for everyone involved.

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