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A practical guide to separation - Sydney Law Group

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A practical guide to separation - Sydney Law Group

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How to Pick the Right Lawyer for You

How do you decide which lawyer is right for you? Read this quick guide to learn more about choosing the right lawyer for your legal assistance.

Surviving the Financial Fall-Out After Separation

After separation it’s more important to get your finances in order and make sure you have a good idea of where your money comes from and where it goes.

The First Steps to Take Following Separation

Separation means change. Not a little bit of change, but huge change and even more so when there are children involved. Learn more.

Top 6 Budgeting Steps for Single Parents

Becoming a single parent is a life-changing event that can have a big impact on finances. Our latest budgeting article offers some helpful tips.

Separating Without Going to Court

Our latest booklet Family Matters: A Practical Guide to Family Law covers family dispute resolution & advice for separating without going to court.

Advice & Checklists to Help You Through Separation

Separation from a spouse or partner is extremely difficult which is why we have published some advice & checklists to help you start the process.

Untangling Criminal Law

If you find yourself involved in a criminal law matter, you might feel as though you’ve entered a new world. We help make sense of it all in this article.

7 Reasons Why You Might Need a Lawyer

Not every legal matter calls for the use of a lawyer. In our latest article we explain when and why you might need a lawyer rather than going it alone.

Good Wills: Making Sure Your Wishes Are Followed

When clients come to me about drafting wills, they often ask whether decisions they’re making can be challenged. The answer is a resounding ‘Yes’.

Sold! A Seller’s Guide to Conveyancing

Conveyancing processes (legal parts of buying &selling property) can be complicated. Our guide to conveyancing offers tips to help you navigate the process

Family Law

Parenting orders handbook – What you need to know

This handbook is designed to assist separated parents in making parenting arrangements that work for them and their children.

Family Court of Australia

Lots of information about separation, divorce, parenting disputes, family violence, property and finance, missing children, reaching an agreement without going to court, court processes and the appeals process.

Federal Circuit Court

The Federal Circuit Court operates informally and uses streamlined procedures to provide a simple and accessible alternative to litigation in the Family Court of Australia. The website also contains information about family law, separation and divorce, family violence, and disputes over children.

Legal Aid – NSW

Legal Aid provides advice and minor assistance in some circumstances for family law issues like separation, divorce and cases involving children.

1800 Respect

A national 24/7 counselling service providing support, information and referrals for people experiencing domestic family violenceand sexual assualt.

AFP – Australian Federal Police

Understand more about the role of police in family law matters which is primarily to act on orders issued by a Court, and to prevent the unlawful removal of children from Australia.

Relationships Australia

A leading provider of relationship support services – including counselling, family dispute resolution and support and education programs – for individuals, families and communities across Australia

Family Relationships Online

A Government website providing access to information about family relationship issues and services to help families manage relationship issues, including agreeing on appropriate arrangements for children after parents separate.

Family Dispute Resolution Register

Find a registered family dispute resolution provider on this website

Beyond Blue

Information about mental health issues such as anxiety, depression and suicide, and how to get support for yourself or someone you know.


A 24/7 crisis support and suicide prevention service. The website also includes research and reports on crisis support, suicide prevention and mental health.

Separation and Stress – Family Court of Australia & Federal Court of Australia
Download the helpful guide (PDF 2.25MB) | Visit the site 

Children & Separation Booklet – Family Relationships Online
Download the helpful guide (PDF 769 KB) | Visit the site 

Wills and Probate

NSW Supreme Court

Fact sheets and Frequently Asked Questions about Wills and Probate applications, and information about processing times for probate applications

NSW Courts Online Registry for Probate Notices

Information about publishing a probate notice and searching for probate notices.

State Library of NSW “Rest Assured: a Legal Guide to Wills, Estates and Funerals in New South Wales” (online version)

This book explains the legal processes when someone dies. It provides practical information about making a will, obtaining probate, the duties of an executor and family provision, the procedures when there is no will and the rights of family members.

Criminal Law

Legal Aid NSW

Help for people with legal problems – phone-based support, fact sheets and resources, face-to-face advice and help at court.

NSW Local Court

Information about going to court for a criminal case – what to expect, entering a plea of guilty or not guilty, the court process and accessing an interpreter in court.

Corrective Services Guide for Families and Friends of Prisoners (PDF 2MB)
This book is a guide for families and friends of people imprisoned in correctional centres in NSW. When the book talks about “families”we mean all the people who might be important to someone in a correctional centre, which includes people who aren’t directly related.


Office of State Revenue

Find out about grants and concessions for first home buyers, new homes and regional relocations, as well as duties and taxes in relation to buying and selling property.

Stamp Duty Calculator

Provides information and tools regarding stamp duty payable on the purchase of property, any interest payable on transactions, and mortgage duty.

NSW Government Land and Property Information

A one-stop shop for land title registration, property information, valuation, surveying and mapping.

Your Guide to Buying a Home (PDF 650 kb)
Law Society of NSW

Your Guide to Selling a Home (PDF 629 kb)
Law Society of NSW

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