More about our trusted law firm

Sydney Law Group is a boutique law firm with offices in the Sydney CBD and North Ryde.

Our experienced lawyers take a practical and realistic approach to resolving legal issues. Whether you need help dealing with separation or divorce, child or property-related disputes, conveyancing, complex criminal law matters, wills or probate we have the experience to ensure you achieve the best legal outcome.

We are here to help, empower, solve problems and negotiate on your behalf. We give you the best support and legal representation available so that you can regain control during a difficult period in your life.

Our Vision – A little hope goes a long way

We are trained like every other lawyer but that’s where the similarities stop. We take an active interest in our clients and their goals. We aim to make legal representation available to people who cannot otherwise access legal services.

We’re committed to delivering legal services cost effectively and in a manner that removes the fear of the unknown. Fear kills hope. For many people, fear is what stops them from moving on to a positive and fulfilled life.

At Sydney Law Group, we take time to listen to our clients and put them in touch with resources and people who can help them rebuild a positive and proactive life.

By 2020 we aim to establish ‘Hope Farm’, a safe haven for survivors of domestic violence and their children. A place for them to heal, learn new skills, and grow before moving on to a new life. We’re excited to bring this vision to life and will keep you updated on our progress.

Why choose Sydney Law Group?

  • We are experienced lawyers with an outstanding track record
  • We offer a fair fixed fee in many cases, rather than billing by the hour
  • For us, it’s personal – we’re easy to talk to and we’re always on your side
  • We’re easy to get to with offices in the Sydney CBD and North Ryde and if that isn’t possible, we will come to you.