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"Melanie, Thanks again for yesterday. It was easily the best outcome I could have expected. Even today I'm so relaxed knowing there is a next step… While draining, it wasn't stressful, and I owe that to you and Kiel. Once again I want to say thanks because … it's good to have the reminder that it's under control and I'm in safe hands."

We’re Passionate and Knowledgeable Lawyers based in Sydney

We are trusted experts with a strong track record of delivering client focused results in family law, criminal law, wills, probate, property settlement and conveyancing

With your problems and needs planted firmly at the heart of our thinking, we identify solutions to problems and craft a strategic pathway to a client focused resolution. We explain clearly the steps which need to be taken so that you can take back control and move forward with your life. We deliver timely information and advice, communicated in plain English, cost effectively. We are always on your side.

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Melanie Tonazzi

Melanie Tonazzi

Principal solicitor & Founder

Experience has taught us that clients need timely information and advice, delivered in a way they can understand, with clear timeframes for each step of the process

When litigation and court proceedings are involved, our clients need strong, fearless lawyers and negotiators who leave no stone unturned and undertake extensive, thorough preparation. Our strong conviction is to the delivery of legal services that meet those needs.

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Although the journey for everyone is different, the first step in the process is always the same. It’s starts with the question: How do I find the right lawyer for me?

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Family Law

Separation, Property and Financial Matters, Consent Orders, Financial Agreements, Parenting, Married and De Facto issues, Child Support, Parentage, International Child Abduction (Hague Convention), Divorce, Domestic Violence, Apprehended violence orders

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Criminal Law

We are experienced experts in criminal law. Driving offences including drink-driving & PCA offences, Drug Driving, Common Assault, Apprehended Violence Orders (AVO), Drug Offences including possession and supply, Assault occasioning grievous or actual bodily harm, larceny, property damage and graffiti related offences, and more serious criminal offences. Local Court, District Court, and jury trials.

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We act on the sale and purchase of properties and transferring properties between separated parties, and to beneficiaries under Wills

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Wills & Probate

Wills, Appointments of Attorneys and Guardians, Probate and Deceased Estate matters including family provision action claims

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Tailored Solutions

The first step is understanding what you want to achieve. The result you hope for. Then, we get to work with assistance from a range of handpicked experts: psychologists, counsellors, psychiatrists, accountants, financial planners, mediators and barristers.

We focus on delivering answers to your questions, and help you to navigate a path through the unknown, remove the fear, take back control and craft a solution that meets your needs and delivers client-focused solutions.

Latest News

Adapt & Thrive: Navigating Family Changes After Separation

Adapt & Thrive: Navigating Family Changes After Separation

While separation may change your family’s structure, it doesn’t have to mean the end of your family. Here at Sydney Law Group, we believe that separating parents can work together to solve problems and maintain a respectful, family-focused relationship. This approach allows the whole family to thrive, marked by greater trust, mutual respect, and a low conflict, positive, family-focused co-parenting relationship.

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